Innovative sanitary products that don’t cost the earth.

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A pad to fit women needs

Lilypads are reusable sanitary pads that are more comfortable, convenient and environmentally friendly than disposables.

Lilpads are made up of three layers working together to give the perfect pad:

  • Top layer: absorbs fluid quickly, keeping you dry. Our soft fabric is comfortable to sit on and prevents any rubbing.

  • Middle layer: is superabsorbent and incredibly thin fabric

  • Bottom layer: prevents any leaks, ensuring, regardless of your flow, you can be confident in your pad

The pads absorbency means the pad can be used alone, or as a back-up to your cup or tampon


Reducing pads, one flush at a time

Flushed sanitary products cost water companies £88m annually, yet many are unaware they are unflushable.

Lilypads works in schools across the UK teaching about menstruation and the different types of sanitary products. Lilypads is developing pop up campaigns to highlight the environmental impact of flushing and health impacts of disposables.


Working in Kenya.

Our CEO learnt during her academic research that young girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary products. Instead, many exchange them for sex. Alternatively, they improvise, using cloth or leaves, or miss school.

We were determined to find a sustainable solution to this problem. We have developed a reusable pad, that is comfortable, easy to use, and most importantly ⅙ of the cost of disposables, making it affordable. The pads are manufactured in Nairobi before being transported to our Lily Ladies. These are groups of women that we train in entrepreneurial skills and menstrual health education. They teach education in local schools, ensuring every girl understands what is happening in her body during menstruation and working to reduce stigma. They also sell the pads in schools and in their communities.  .

“It is changing into the need to do good for the world and to harness entrepreneurship, whether that is inside or outside of the still-stunning Buckingham Palace.

Lilypads is the epitome of that need, right from the very top.” Forbes, 2018